10 Harmful Habits With Your Hair

Although we all know how to make our hair better, few people know well the bad habits that harm our hair. When we pay much attention to the rule of hair care, we also should pay attention to the ways that may harm our hair. These ways often make our effort with hair discount and we even are unaware of it.

1. Using Old Hairy Brushes

You must check your hairy brushes which hide a lot of germs and old residue. No one wants those things to leave in his/her hair. Elizabeth Cunnane Philips, a New York-based trichologist suggests that clean out those old brushes, or clean brushes and combs once a month. The baking soda is a good thing to remove residue and oils hiding in combs.

2. Using a Rough Elastic

The rough elastic is usually a dense and thin elastic. If you pull your hair tie too tightly, your strands will be damaged for the breakage of elastic. So you should pull hair tie gently.

3. Using Too Many Chemical Products

Many Chemical products are harm for your body, including your hair. Using too many chemicals will cause your hairs breakage and damage. There are a number of chemical products for hair. The suggestion is to keep the usage of chemicals in a proper range and apply those hair care product undergoing chemical treatments.

4. The Heat is Too High

Too high heat captures the hairs original moisture, causing hair dry and fragile. Therefore dont turn the heat too high. Maybe people dont feel the heat too high at first, so we had better not turn the dial above medium. The Philips gives us a suggestion to judge the heat: test the heat on your hand with a blow-dryer. If you feel OK, thats a good heat. And another tip does not blow dry when your hair is totally wet.

5. Overlook the Heat Protectant

Heat Protectant spray is really a good thing for your hairs heath. It will keep your strands moisture and avoid the breakage by covering your hair. Before you blow dry hair, you can spritz the heat protectant on each part of your damp or dry hair about 6 inches away.

6. Seldom Go Haircuts

Some people seldom go haircuts which cause split ends. Its time to trim them up. If you leave the split ends alone, your split ends will turn to a bigger one. In order to make your hair look more smooth and healthy, you need to have haircut monthly.

7. Start From Roots

People usually brushes their hair from top to bottom. That is a bad habit for hair and causes breakage and hair loss. Because it will accumulate lots of knots from the root down. We can brush down from the end and rise our brush step by step at the bottom has no knot.

8. The Rough Way Towards Wet Hair

When hair is wet, its more vulnerable to breakage and split end. Because its cuticle scales lift up after being wet. We need to brush hair gentler, rather than harshly. The best tools to brush your hair after wetting is wide-tooth comb.

9. Using Too Many Products

10. Too many products can make your hair dry for they overcoat your cuticle and guard the moisturizing serums against strands center. By using many products, the thinner your hair is, the drier your hair is. Clean up that product you dont need and leave what you think you need.

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