Easter Hairstyle Tips that are Designed to Turn Heads

While Easter bonnets were the rave in the past, hair styles are trending currently. Spring is a time to make changes and that statement can be accentuated with one of a variety of stunning styles. However, before you select a hairstyle, you need to learn what is available to you in terms of tools and products for creating that ideal Easter look.
Preparing for your Easter Look Using Imaging SoftwareFor example, software is available today that allows you to try out various hair colors and hair styles on an uploaded image of yourself. You can view a number of options to see exactly how a style will appear before you see a stylist or try to duplicate a look. Some software that you find online, as well, is 100% free. You don’t have to download the application nor do you have to install anything. Click the following link that leads to the Hairfinder.com to use this fashion tool.
When you use the imaging software, you can try over 200 hair colors and haircuts. The platform, which is available 24/7, enables you to print all kinds of hair colors and hairstyles with your picture. You can save the hairstyles you choose on your laptop or PC.

Maintain Hydration

Naturally, you need to make sure your hair is well-hydrated and receives regular moisture to obtain just the Easter style you want. Usually, African-American hair tends toward porosity, which causes the strands to lose moisture quickly when they are exposed to the wind, environmental changes, the sun or heat styling processes.

Bet Rid of that Lifeless Look

Hair that is porous is depicted by a raised cuticle layer. As a result, this characteristic can cause the hair to look lifeless and dull. When moisture is lost, the hair becomes brittle and easily breaks. Therefore, the first step you need to take in the quest for revitalized hair is to seek out a shampoo and conditioner that feature moisturizing formulations. Look for hair care that is designed specifically to treat African-American hair. Even if your hair has not been chemically treated, dehydration will cause its condition to be the same as if it had been.

Products in the form of smoothing serums and natural oils are good choices. The natural oil products will lock in the hair’s moisture and soften it while smoothing serums will assist in flattening and sealing the raised cuticle layer, thus making the hair look shinier and healthier.

The whole idea behind this hair care approach is to nurture and safeguard the hair while it is growing. Unfortunately, if the hair becomes damaged, the only areas that are impacted are on the surface. Therefore, the best way to stop any more damaging effects is to treat the new hair growth with the utmost of care. Just like deadheading the leaves of the plant, the damaged ends are trimmed to eventually reveal a full head of healthy hair.

With that being said, you want to make sure to keep your hair in good shape so you can wear that Easter style that complements the shape of your face and the tone of your skin. That means not subjecting your hair repeatedly to chemical processes. When you use too many chemicals on your hair, you can actually “wear out” the hair, or its ability to hold a curl and shine. Unfortunately, a woman’s quest to look good can have some repercussions.

If you have had several chemical processes (such as highlighting, perming or relaxing), then the effects can be cumulative. Even if a hair color or a relaxer service works well on the hair initially, the processing will still take a toll on the strands over time. Subsequent services will negatively affect the hair as the strands become more damaged or porous after each session. With the use of some products, even a minimal overlap can cause the hair to weaken to the point that it is irreparable.

What to Do about Over-processed HairIt is the build-up of chemicals that does the real damage, not using a chemical in and of itself. If you have used too many chemicals then, you will have to adjust yourself to regular conditioning and maintenance. In the interim, it may be a good idea to try a braided style (so the hair can grow out) or opt for a wig or hair accessory. Either of these approaches will give you the time needed to grow out your hair and wear it as nature intended.

The Fashionable TWAIf you regularly condition your hair and are careful about using chemicals, then the following styles will give you some inspiration as to what to “wear” for a style this Easter. One of the trending styles for African-American women who are not afraid of short, short hair is the TWA or teeny weeny Afro. This type of style is not for every woman, but it does look great on certain women, depending on their personal style and personality. The following picture gives you an idea of this kind of look: The above TWA is a great look for any woman who wants to keep chemical processes to a minimum. Uncolored, tight, and ultra-curled ringlets play off the model’s lovely natural features. Sew-in LooksA fabulous idea for Easter is to try sew-in hairstyles or weaves. You can choose from one of various looks. If you have not heard of this “sew” cute type style, it is made up of hair extensions that are affixed or sewn to the existing hair. Your hair is first braided down in a specific pattern and then extensions are sewn onto the braids. You can either wear a net and sew through it or sew onto the braid itself without benefit of a net. Therefore, if your hair does not display the needed thickness or length, a sew-in hairstyle is an ideal option for a stunning Easter style choice.

You can also use sew-in locks to create bob hair styles or long looks in several variations. The idea is to wear a style that matches well with your face shape and personality. When you find that style, you will not only turn heads but also feel just that much more stylish and confident.


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