Blog Instructions (Recommended)

A blog or web log is an individual site made up of typically short, much of the time refreshed posts that are masterminded sequentially. The substance and motivations behind sites fluctuates extraordinarily from connections and discourse about other sites to perceptions about news or legislative issues, journals, photographs, verse, expositions, extend refreshes, even fiction. Websites are a quickly developing fragment of the web. An article in the August 26, 2002 Newsweek assessed the quantity of web journals at 500,000 with another one coming on the web at regular intervals.


We will make the accompanying presumptions about clients who plan to take after these guidelines:

  • You have a PC with an association with the Internet.
  • You have an individual email account.
  • You have a direct measure of experience utilizing the World Wide Web.

It is not important to know html to keep up a blog, however it is useful on the off chance that you need to alter it.

We will utilize the free electronic distributing Blogger and the free blog facilitating administration Blogspot.


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