AnnaBean's Nails Promoted

AnnaBean's Nails Promoted

Hi companions. This is only a quick and painless blog entry by method for a past due clarification. Because of many reasons, none of which i will broadly expound about, i have chosen to take a break from my blog, and from all authority swatching/PR obligations. I don't know for to what extent this will proceed, yet i do trust in any event to begin blogging again one day (not entirely certain about swatching and PR, i am getting a charge out of not having the worry of that devastating me totally, in light of the fact that it is unpleasant and it is unquestionably difficult).

Meanwhile, despite everything I paint my nails on the exceptionally normal for my own particular satisfaction (which was the manner by which this blog was conceived), you can tail me on Instagram - - in the event that you might want to keep on getting a day by day dosage of AnnaBean's Nails (and a fuck ton of other stuff as well!), and there is forever my Facebook page - - which is absolutely nailcentric (for the individuals who would prefer not to see my felines/nature/untamed life photography).

A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing, and for staying around. I'll see you again soon I trust!

Adore, Anna x


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